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Looking Glass Wines
The release of the 2014 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the 7th release for Looking Glass Wines.

Our philosophy is to produce quality, approachable wines which are a reflection of the growing region, and of each grape variety. The wines styles are lively, balanced, accessible and representative, made from grapes sourced from established and passionate growers.

The simple, distinctive and bold labels and capsules are also a reflection to our approach to Winemaking.



Why Looking Glass wines?

Consumers should not feel compelled to 'look' for certain things in a wine, but should be allowed to enjoy the wine for what it is.

'Do not just listen to what we have to say about this wine, take it and taste it for what it is and see in the wine what you like. Most importantly enjoy the wine.'....

Take a glimpse through the Looking Glass and enjoy your wine.